The 7 Best PDF to Excel Converter for Windows 10

The need of using genuine converters has taken me by surprise. The growth in use of PDF file formats is alarming and the need of converting programmes is in just a whole new level. In the past few years transmission of documents via PDFs was not as common as many of office users preferred using printed papers. This has been changed with the increase of electronic devices more so, computers and mobile phones. However, there has been a problem when it comes to selecting the best PDF to Excel converter: for Windows Operating devices. This is because there has been flocking of multiple converters and settling for one has been a challenge especially if the purchaser has no content on their features. That is why this review has been dedicated to help you choose that ideal converter for you. Let’s look in depth what they offer before making that decision.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

The TalkHelper by now is a very familiar converting programme and it has been on the rise for over the past year right now. This is because has the smartest and most intuitive user interface that no converter rivals it far as converting PDF files to Excel on Windows operating Systems is concerned. The background colours just make it special in the way they make the usage of this converting software very lively. Converting PDF files cannot be any better than when using the legendary TalkHelper. Breaking down some of the features will make you understand how special this converter is.

  • Supports cloud storage facilities such as Google Drive where user can save their work and later on easily access them later.
  • It allows user to add both simple and complex components in a PDF such as printing a file that can send email addresses that user pleases to send information to.
  • To prevent your work from being edited without your consent, user can encrypt such information with control permissions or place 256 bit AES encrypted passwords to prevent confidential or highly classified information from leaking.
  • Other features include the ability to add personal notes and add additional features such as usage of cipher text for security purposes.

Able2Extract Professional PDF Converter


Finally after a long and tiresome search of that one converter that was going to meet all my needs at a go, I landed on the Able2Extract Professional PDF Converter. When I first logged in to their website it took me time to realise that indeed this was the name of the converter. After clearing that doubt I went in digging features of this unique software and what I found about it surely interested me. From the user interface to its general layout every aspect of it has been crafted with perfection. If this great PDF to Excel Converter does not interest you, then I do not know what will.

  • All the tables in either Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, XPS amongst many others are directly transferred into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • With the Able2Extract Professional PDF Converter user does not have to use intermediary steps in processing of workflow directly but rather export PDF to Comma Separated Values (CSV) and values separated by tabs commonly referred to as Tabs Separated Values (TSV).
  • With the advanced capabilities to create, user can switch the preservation of data and the extraction back and forth.
  • It allows user to draw lines manually, and form rows on data giving a perfectly structured spreadsheet that are ideal for you to perform analysis on data as well as make your calculations.

Nitro Pro PDF Converter

The developers of the Nitro Pro PDF Converter have never ceased to amaze me on how they came up with such a premium converting tool at a very affordable price. With the functions it drags along, I expected it to be running on a very high cost, however that is not the case. What this converter does is the premium service to another converter that charges a lot to have it running on your device. However, the highly profiled converter right now on the market know nothing like exploiting of its customers that being the reason it records a high number of purchasers.

  • The user interface is straightforward and very simple to navigate thereby reducing the learning curve.
  • The Nitro Pro PDF converter not only does it has the ability to create files from nothing, it also has the ability to merge different file formats into one file to be worked on as a single project.
  • Comes with two versions that is the desktop version and the online version that both allow conversion of files into Excel and other file formats from PDF.
  • User can digitally sign documents, scan one sheet without the need of having to print the documents.
  • Documents can also be edited into searchable PDF file formats.

PDF2XL PDF Converter

Just as the name of the converter suggests, it converts PDF files into Microsoft Excel files.  The purpose of this converter is to purposefully deal with converting PDF files into Excel. Just a thumbs down on how this converter runs is that if does not have either the Microsoft Word or Excel installed the converted formats will be as Comma Separated Values or Clipboard or even as Open Document Spreadsheet. However, apart from that draw back which is not as widespread and can easily be solved by running either of the two programmes, the converter does not need a display application.

  • The process of installation, setting up and even converting your first file does not take a lot of time and it is estimated to be less than five minutes.
  • It runs on the following desktop applications, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10.
  • It calls for some requirement for it to operate such as a very fast processor a display of about eight hundred by six hundred resolution at least.
  • Handles smaller documents with a lot of ease including one paged documents.
  • It also supports conversion of many pages at a go courtesy of the Multi paged conversion feature.

iSkysoft PDF Converter

The iSkysoft PDF Converter does not have any substitute that can perfectly fit in its place that is why it is an exceptional converter. With the running of a programme such as this in your device all your solutions will be just a click away. It is indeed very reliable when it comes to handling all your PDF to Excel conversion knows nothing as being complex as it easily deals with any kind of task thrown to it. My description might seem as if I am giving it credit where not due and therefore, I would suggest you give it a try and find out whether the feedback won’t be as the same as mine. With the following features you will not set your eyes on another converter

  • User can fill forms and as well create PDF forms from the converter.
  • It also features a series of multiple editing features.
  • Features an advanced Optical Character range that allows you to edit PDF files into searchable PDF documents.
  • With the iSkysoft PDF Converter user can split one document into multiple numbers as well as compress PDF files. Apart from that user can add multiple files and combine them to come with a single file.
  • Not only does the iSkysoft PDF Converter convert PDF files into Excel but also a multiple of Microsoft Office and other file formats.

Wondershare PDF Converter

Wondershare PDF Converter is a wonder converting tool just as the name screams. It is built in a unique under certain pillars if you keenly observe, that is through valuing transparency and achieving simplicity. It has users in over one hundred and fifty countries and is  a product of the Wondershare technologies that aims at providing a simple converting tool. It is a world class tool that runs the Conversion process like no other. Here are some of the features that it features into the game.

  • Supported Microsoft Excel that is converted from PDF include 2003, 2007. 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  • Without the permission via a password another user cannot copy print nor edit PDF files.
  • This Windows PDF to Excel Converter does not alter the charts, tables nor columns after conversion processes.
  • The converter as well is very fast and at the same time easy to use giving high quality output.
  • User can compress materials in PDF form in this converting software without altering anything.


Adobe Acrobat Dc PDF Converter

If there is a converter that you can fully put your money on and trust for premium and no professional finish then the Adobe Acrobat Dc PDF Converter is the answer to your solution. Over a long period of time it has grown popular and has overshadowed other PDF document converters. It is a very easy to understand tool that does not any technical assistance to navigate. The only challenge it poses is that its interface may be a bit challenging more so to the first timers of this software. However when we are talking of everything else about it is just okay.

  •  It smoothly runs on Windows Operating system. Windows 10, Windows7, Windows8 and all the OS X 10 versions.
  • Features a password protect feature to ensure that your documents is safe from any risk that may be posed to it such as falling into the wrong hands for sensitive messages.
  • Allows extraction of texts and information saving the user the task of having to convert the whole document even the unneeded parts.
  • Scanned texts and tables while converting PDF files to Excel can be turned into editable data.
  • With the Adobe Acrobat Dc PDF Converter you can work with it from anywhere you wish regardless of time thus not confining a user into one place.


The only task left for you is to make that firm decision on the PDF to Excel Converter that has met your expectations. Because I am sure that there is no perfect converting tool for you but there is the ideal converter enough to answer all your solutions.  The review above has narrowed down the very of the best PDF to Excel Converters for Windows. This I would suggest as the most appropriate tools to work with and those who have used a number of them can bear me witness. Do away with the old and avoid being exploited.

When we talk about converts it is nearly impossible to express all of that in words and that is the reason why it is suggested for you to take advantage of this review and I know out of those seven listed above there is none that could have missed to cover your PDF file solutions. Meanwhile those who have had doubts on converters have been cleared.